Notetaking Practice

I’m going to be starting on a story soon. It’s going to be a reflection of a life that would be most ideal for everyone. Since the best possible life is a life where the world is unified yet its inhabitants independent of each other, I think exploring this concept will be interesting. 

English is rusty-I am reading dictionaries, encyclopedias, and studying all languages on the planet etc to sound more sophisticated when those sounds leave my mouth and into someones auditory canal. Sure, that could’ve been a better analogy…



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vocalize, use throat, chirping

Hello, I am Lilith. I did not find the About Me section, yet I will begin my initiation into blogging here by greeting all viewers, for I have much to tell and no time to waste! Blogging will be a way for me to formulate my ideas while I swim in the urban seas, as my mind aches to wander and my mouth aches to express, yet I can only focus on gasping for air.

Text coming soon. (I let my ideas take foot first before I establish structure.)